Course Timetable

[Mind Hacks: Time (2005)]


Semester 1 (25 Feb - 27 May 2013)


  • Monday 10-11 am [QB7]


  1. Group 1 Tuesday 1-3 pm [SC2]
  2. Group 2 Wednesday 10-12 noonThurs 10-12 noon [QA5]
  3. Group 3 Thursday 8-10am [SC1]

Week 1

Lecture 1
What is Life Writing? Its History and Scope [Dr. Mary Paul]

  • Andrei Codrescu: 'Adding to My Life,' from Autobiography and Postmodernism, ed. Kathleen Ashley, Leigh Gilmore and Gerald Peters (1994)
  • Daniel Defoe: from The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders (1721)
  • Three Vignettes: from The New Zealand Experience: 100 Vignettes, ed. Brian Shaw & Kathy Broadley (1985)
    No workshops in Week 1


Week 2

Lecture 2
Memory [Dr. Mary Paul]

  • Primo Levi: from If This is a Man (1958)
  • Marcel Proust: from Swann’s Way (1913)

    Workshop 1: 'This is the indelible place you came from'


Week 3

Lecture 3
Memoirs, Diaries [Dr. Mary Paul]

  • Emily Carr: 'Sunday,' from The Book of Small (1942)
  • Katherine Mansfield: from The Notebooks (1997)
  • Virginia Woolf: 'A Sketch of the Past,' from Moments of Being (1989)
  • Laura Alcoba: 'Introduction & Chapter One,' from The Rabbit House: An Argentinean Childhood (2008)


Week 4

Lecture 4
Biography (via Autobiography) [Dr. Mary Paul]

  • Leslie T. Chang: 'The Stele with No Name,' from Factory Girls: Voices from the Heart of Modern China (2009)
  • Brian Easton: 'The (Economic) Life of Harry,' from The Listener (10 June, 2000: 57)
  • Xu Zhimo: 'Mansfield,' from A Fine Pen: The Chinese View of Katherine Mansfield, ed. Shifen Gong (2001)
Workshop 3: Questionnaire


Week 5

Lecture 5
Oral History / Collecting Data [Dr. Mary Paul]

  • Judith Fyfe & Hugo Manson: from Oral History and How to Approach It (1997)

Workshop 4: Writing a Journal Entry


Week 6

Lecture 6
Case Studies:
The Uses of Life Writing
[Panel of Researchers]

Workshop 5: Rules and Taboos

Workshop 6: Family Gatherings

Journal Due (Monday, 8 April)

Week 7

Lecture 7
Confession or Performance? [Dr. Mary Paul]

  • Ted Hughes: 'The Rabbit Catcher' & 'The Shot,' from Birthday Letters (1998)
  • Sylvia Plath: from The Bell Jar (1966)
  • Sylvia Plath: ‘The Rabbit Catcher,’ ‘Daddy’ & ‘Lady Lazarus,’ from Collected Poems (1981)
  • Sylvia Plath: from The Journals, ed. Ted Hughes (1983)
  • Sylvia Plath: from The Journals, ed. Karen V. Kukil (2001)
Workshop 6: Family Gatherings
Workshop 7: Seven - Intensity

Week 8

Lecture 8
Genre [Dr. Jack Ross]

  • Elizabeth Bishop: 'In the Village,' from Questions of Travel (1965)
  • Robert Lowell: 'The Scream,' from For the Union Dead (1964)

Workshop 8: Life Studies

Exercises Due (Thursday, 3 May)

Week 9

Lecture 9
Subversion [Dr. Jack Ross]

  • J. G. Ballard: 'The Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Considered as a Downhill Motor Race,' from The Day of Forever (1967)
  • Georges Perec: from W, or the Memory of Childhood (1975)

Workshop 9: Life Distortions

Week 10

Lecture 10
Politics of Lives [Dr. Mary Paul]

  • Norman Bilbrough: 'The Facts of Life: Him,' from Grace (January 2001: 62-64)
  • Anne Sexton: ‘The Double Image,’ ‘For My Lover Returning To His Wife' & ‘The Fury of Overshoes,’ from The Complete Poems (1981)
  • Ngahuia Te Awekotuku: ‘Old Man Tuna,' from Tahuri (1989)
  • Jane Westaway: 'The Facts of Life: Her,' from Grace (January 2001: 59-61)

Workshop 10: Discussing Proposals

Proposal Due (Thursday, 10th May)

Week 11

Lecture 11
Writing a Biography [tba]

  • Janet Hunt: 'Green-leaved Anguish,' from Hone Tuwhare: A Biography (1998)

[No Workshop]

Week 12

Lecture 12
New Zealand Life Stories [Dr. Mary Paul]

  • Miriam Cameron: from 60s Chicks Hit the Nineties, ed. Jane Tolerton (1997)
  • Michael King: 'The Long Shadow,' from Frank Sargeson: A Life (1995)
  • Kathleen Pih-Chang: from Home Away from Home: Life Stories of Chinese Women in New Zealand, ed. Manying Ip (1990)

Workshop 11: Sharing Writing

Major Project Due (Friday, 7th June, after Queen's Birthday Weekend)

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